What is Medicaid?
The Medicaid program provides medical benefits to low-income people who have no medical insurance or inadequate medical insurance. The federal government establishes general guidelines for the program, but each state establishes the program’s requirements including eligibility. You can find out more about the Medicaid program through cms.gov or by talking to our admissions team.

What is Medicare?
Medicare is a health insurance program for people 65 or older or people under 65 with certain disabilities or end-stage renal disease. Medicare does not cover all expenses and is not designed to pay for long-term custodial care. So it is important to understand the program. For patients meeting requirements, Medicare helps cover the costs for hospital stays, skilled nursing home stays up to 100 days and hospice care. Our admission team members will be happy to provide you with current rates and coverage.

What should I look for when choosing a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center?
For short-term stays focused on rehabbing a patient home, ask the center about its successful outcomes treating patients with your or your loved one’s illness, injury or disease. Ask about the staff’s knowledge about post-hospital care. Tour the center for cleanliness, friendliness of staff and amenities that are important to you. Ask to sample food and visit with patients similar to you or your loved one.

Visiting my loved one at a long-term care center is difficult. How can I make it more enjoyable and fulfilling for both of us?
Visitors are very important to our residents, and a well-planned visit can be rewarding for both of you. When visiting a loved one, talk to the staff about the best time to visit your loved one. Coach your children on what to expect, and plan an activity such as working on a photo album, writing letters, playing cards or a game, or eating a meal together. If your loved one can manage, plan an activity outside of the center. Check with the center on its policy on bringing cherished pets to the facility for visits.

Can I come for a tour of Arcadia?
We always welcome families into our home and encourage you to call your local nursing home to arrange a tour today.

Does a physician have to refer a patient for admission?
Depending upon payment source, a physician’s certification that a patient needs skilled care is necessary. Our facilities receive referrals from physicians, hospitals, acute rehab, long term acute care, assisted living facilities, eldercare attorneys, adult day care, and public agencies.

What personal items may a patient bring?
The facility provides basic items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, bedding, towels and wash cloths, gowns. Please bring specific brands a patient prefers so they feel as comfortable as possible. Patients often bring photographs of family, motivational items, personal cell phones. Speak with facility staff about bringing furniture items to ensure they comply with State fire codes.